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IP Risk Prevention

Patent information is generally accessible to the public and thus an excellent base for patent-related technology and competition monitoring (IP competitive intelligence).


Best Practice

Top management of  companies is asking more and more for the value contribution of IP activities. Therefore companies put emphasis on patent-related processes to be carried out efficiently and on modern methods to be used.


Patent Assistent

Tailored to the specific needs of SMEs, your property right portfolios can be overseen competently and reliably on site.


Search & Analysis

Our research efforts – carried out in some cases in collaboration with patent attorneys – are based on long years of experience with client projects in many and varied industries. Here we cover all the major aspects in the world of patents.


Right at home in every industry

Our latest work

Whether mechanical engineering or biotechnology, whether in Germany, France, the U.S.A. or Asia – PATEV is familiar with the pertinent industries. And that’s true all around the world, thanks to a broadly based network. Our services come into play wherever operational patent management is required. A number of projects attest to our work.

What PATEV customers say about us:

Buerkert‘s position as technology leader in fluid control systems requires IP Management at its best. PATEV‘s services to systematically manage IP risks are a valuable contribution and improve our decision-making sustainably.

- Dr. Gertrud Eppler, Director of IP Management, Buerkert Werke GmbH

We have been looking for a holistic approach to integrate the various facets of patent work between the departments of the company. It worked with PATEV's Patent Management Manual describes  clear and efficient processes for all parties involved and creates an effective process quality in patent management.

- Gabriele Mundt-Pallmann, Head Patent Department, Pallmann GmbH & Co. KG, Zweibrücken, Germany

PATEV became acquainted rapidly and purposefully with highly complex technologies and is our valuable companion with regard to important decisions concerning patents and technologies.

- Wilhelm Leuze, CEO, Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. KG

Our EADS technology licensing program makes state-of-the-art technology available to EADS suppliers and companies from other sectors. PATEV supports us during implementation of the new licensing policy, has implemented pragmatic solutions for this, and proved its competence by means of respectable contributions. It is a pleasure working with PATEV.

- Wulf Höflich, Former Chief Intellectual Property Officer, EADS

For us as a young company, PATEV provided support in an exceptionally successful manner with regard to financing and the establishment of partnerships with leading companies on the market.

- Dr. Günther Proll, CEO, Biametrics Marken und Rechte GmbH

PATEV succeeded in processing our complex patent structure according to values within the shortest possible time. The exact and understandable elaboration allowed the top management to make reliable decisions for control of the company.

- Heiko Vosskötter, Former CEO, PARAT HOLDING GMBH

Together with PATEV we could decisively improve our own patent position compared to the competition. Additionally for the acquisition of a company PATEV provided in short time valuable contributions to the evaluation of patents.

- Hermann Leistner, Former CEO, Stratec AG / Birkenfeld

To open up new business segments and in communicating with our financing partners PATEV did an excellent job.

- Dieter Breuer, CEO, Technomix AG

PATEV once again did excellent work for us, preparing a comprehensive and reliable study for the evaluation of our patent portfolios. At every step of the way – from a clear-cut proposal, to careful definition of the assignment, on to the analysis of the complex patent situation and finally drafting the evaluation report – we feel that our interests were well served by PATEV throughout.

- Dr. Joachim Andres, Director, Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

PATEV's IP Engineering workshop PATEV was really delighting for us. Creatively and systematically, we X-rayed together with PATEV our technology portfolio and identified several previously unknown features which we can use to protect our innovations in the future much better. Finally our whole IP package was optimized with the help of PATEV. The enterprise value for investors is now more apparent an better explained.

- Christian Römlein, CEO, bubbles and beyond Leipzig

We are using now the patent search and monitoring service of PATEV  for more than one year for monitoring of technology and competition. With the help of PATEV we have optimized monitoring profiles and focus on relevant hits. This makes us more efficient and really strengthens our effectiveness in development.

- Dr. Martin Röhrig, Chief Operating Officer (COO), CTC GmbH Stade
A healthy blend of experience and curiosity

We are PATEV

It’s a fact that PATEV has been able to achieve both fast and enduring development in recent years and this is due primarily to the firm’s associates. Critical here is a good mix of engineers and scientists, old hands and new talents, experience and curiosity, well-founded knowledge in many industries, a cosmopolitan attitude and absolute orientation on the client.


We look forward to you!

Einladung zur VSUD Fachveranstaltung International Transfer Pricing & IP-Risikoschutz

9. April 2019, Hotel Victoria, Centralbahnplatz 3, 4002 Basel

Einladung zum 10. Innovation Forum in Tuttlingen

11. Oktober 2018, Tuttlingen

24th ICE/IEEE ITMC International Technology Management Conference

17. bis 20. Juni 2018, Stuttgart

UBS Frühstücksveranstaltung

14. Juni 2018, Zürich

PATEV und Maiwald kooperieren

PATEV und Maiwald - eine der führenden Patentanwaltskanzleien in Europa - haben eine Kooperation im Bereich innerbetriebliches Patentmanagement vereinbart.

PATEV and ICM are leading European highly specialized professional services firms.

They merge assets and forces in the joint venture PATEV-ICM International Sàrl to support organizations in maximizing the strategic and financial value of their Technology and IP portfolios.PATEV-ICM Internationalization Program enables PATEV-ICM services to be provided by local partners in a growing number of countries in Europe and worldwide.